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I work at dunkin donuts. A couple ordered two crossiants with cream cheese. Then lady askedme toadd jelly to one of the crossiant. My co worker told me to take 25 cents for jelly. She thought the lady asked jelly for both crossiants. I took 25 cents from lady. But then my co worker said returned it cuz she took only one jelly. That was embarrassing for me cuz I took 25 cents from that lady just for jelly and my co worker returned it back. That lady was looking awkwardly at me. She have to took that 25 cents fromher husband sitting in the table

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  • That barely made any sense. Make proper use of english, please.

  • When you get a chance take your co-worker to the side where nobody else can hear you and explain the situation. then please ask him to not make any currency changes again if you made the initial transfer. :-) good luck.

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