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we have some kinda stray cats. They live outside our house or near it and we feed them with the leftovers, so they stay and kill the snakes and mice. But they don't. Only one cat (from the, currently, 15) has killed a snake and a mouse. I hate most of them, but there are 2 that make me furious. The one is more than 2-3 yo and she's a parasite. She doesn't care about anything, not even her own children! (her children are my 2 favourite kittens). Once, the cat I mentioned above had caught a mouse and she'd get it to her kittens, but this whore went there, took it from the other cat's mouth and ate it, in stead of at least giving it to her children! I want to kill her brutally. I want to see her suffering from the lack of air, while I'm holdin her neck. When she's almost dead, I'll catch her from the tail and hit her at the columns. If she's not dead by then, I'll rip her head off. Then, there's this other kitten. She's such a bitch. She's attacking to my 2 kittens and my puppy for no reason. From the first time she saw me (I was so exited we had new kittens) she started growling at me for no reason. and today she scrached my puppy. I want to hit her with a wood untill she's dead and then rip her head off, cook it and feed her mother with it. I don't hesitate, I'm just waiting for the right time. Some days ago, I took a little kitten (about 2-3 weeks old) and threw away. I don't know if he lives or not and I don't care. He'd become an opponent of my little boys and then it'd be too late. plus, I got rid of one more cat which we should feed. Every time we get out of the house, there are at least 5 cats outside! I know I sound cruel and psychopath, but I am. Just kidding.. Idk for sure. I just hate those cats and anyone that would hurt my 3 boys, my puppy and my kittens

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  • I'm with the others ffs they are CATS that's what they do

  • A) you're psycho B) call animal control

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