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I use to play Farmville on Facebook all the time (without sending everyone annoying game requests) and now days I find myself enjoying Happy Pets a lot more. It makes my heart a little softer every time I play and I forget about my anger toward certain people on online :)

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  • I used to be a Facebook game addict, but now the social gaming is tearing itself apart by reusing its own ideas to get more and more money out of our wallets, look at the kardashian game, same repetitive ideas of waiting for tasks to complete to get money, yet they're expecting to get $200 million. Happy pets is not one I've tried, but I played Nintendogs for a while and it made me feel similar, but repetition of the tasks got boring. If you like the money earning and animal care games, I'd recommend Zoo Tycoon or Rollercoaster Tycoon 3s Wild expansion (I upgraded to the deluxe bundle with both add on packs and the core game) and they are a much better gameplay model, with scenarios and objectives, but most importantly, no microtransactions.

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