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I miss my ex boyfriend but at the same time I hate him. He left me. . I was head over heels for him. I was crushed. He refused to talk to me at all for months and then just when I started feeling better, he tells me he was wrong and misses me. I couldn't go back to him. I would never be able to trust him. It's been 5 years and I'm married with a child, and he still messages me every now and then just to tell me he still hasnt been with anyone else. Ugh! I love my husband to death but it's not the kind of love that I felt towards my ex. Why must he kill my soul.

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  • Oh, i don't answer or reply to him but ican't help that feeling ofmy heart droppinginto my stomach when his name comes up in a Situation,

  • Please just don't contact him. Nostalgia is very dangerous, and you have a family now. Enjoy them and forget about him, you will find it easier with time and not hearing about him

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