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i was out in the street at night with a friend of mine and a younger guy who's a son of my friend's work colleague. out of nowhere this black old guy asks the younger for a cigarette, he said that he didn't have anymore and then he turns to me asking me the same thing and i told him that i didn't had any. he gets angry for no reason, grabs my left arm and it seems he wanted to punch me but i said we're all friends here and then things kinda cooled down also because my friend intervened. me and him know he's a drunk that does stupid shit all time. still how can you expect just not to feel a bit racist when a few months another black guy attacked my stepfather in the same way in the street in front of my building?

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  • It's not racist when it's true

  • color has nothing to fucking do with it, it's all about how people handle shit. fuck you honestly it's sad that people are so racists still.

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