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I believe one can heal the body through the power of positive thinking. There are too many cases of "miracles", of people who were sentenced to death because of cancer and somehow managed to get the cancer back into remission without chemotherapy... I just can`t do it myself. I can`t blindly belive in miracles, I need to give reason to anything and everything, it must be logic for me to believe it. And I`m sick. And I`m afraid my negative way of thinking will make my problems even worse. I desperately want to believe I can heal myself. And, apparently, desperately wishing for health is the exact reason why I`m not healthy. Apparently, I should just have faith, trust and just let my body take care of itself. Stressing over health declines the health. I feel I`m in a vicious circle..

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  • Positive thinking is actually healthy for you, and will make you feel better. It does not magically cure everything though. If you actually are sick, you really need to see a doctor.

  • think positive and health will come to you

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