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My mother is such a bitch! She thinks the world revolves around her. Why you gotta be like that, mom? I've been trying really hard to understand you but its just too much! You're not even trying to be a mother figure even just for once. YOU ARE SUCH A SPOILED BRAT! Sometimes I wish I had a different mom, the complete opposite of YOU!

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  • I had a foster kid who's mother whored her out for meth money. Sounds like you have it pretty good

  • She's been living alone for the past 10 years and i figured why dont i go live with her? I owe my life to her anyway. Dad and sister was against it. Did it anyway. Now i understand why she's alone. Nobody likes to be with someone who is verbally, physically and even emotionally abusive. She's an expert in making you feel completely worthless.

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