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All my friends loves to party and get drunk.. They tell how they get horny when their drunk, and how drunk they were.. I feel left out.. Sure I can go to a party but I don't drink more than I can handle.. I don't get horny or anything. I don't show off and tell people how drunk I am.. I'd rather be with some friends and have fun. I'd rather be with my girlfriend (if I still had one..) than going to a party.. I easily feel left out and I easily feel alone.. People don't get me.. They just make some fun of it and keeps drinking. No one thinks about what I wanna do or if I'm left out or not..

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  • I don't understand drinking to get so drunk you forget what happened, but I do understand drinking in moderation. I have got a nice bottle of decent strength cider for tonight. Your friends are trying to brag, but if you're not impressed or trying to join in it's pointless. Enjoy what you do. but don't do anything stupid.

  • Maybe they are not right the friends for you, and if you feel alone and left out try to go without them and find an amusement you like and then also other friends... Good luck, and keep your head up. :)

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