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I feel like I'm a waste of a good life. I'm alone. My friends are annoyed by me cause I keep texting them and calling them, to make sure that they don't ignore or hate me.. I get jealous of everything.. I keep making my parrents angry at me, my brothers too. I'm in love with a girl but she doesn't love me. Right now I'm having some thoughts.. Is this really worth living? I'm a guy full of love. I would never hurt anyone.. I have anger issues but I can handle them till a certain point. Tho instead of hurting other people, I start punching my self and other stuff (No I don't cut..). I'm crying as I write this.. I just want a hug.. I really long hug and a shoulder to cry on..

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  • *hugs you*

  • Chin up! It says "There will be a sun rise after a dark night" and "There is a rainbow after a storm" You will find happiness someday! I wish it for you

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