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Nevere...EVER..eating whitecastle again. I picked my son up from his grandparents house and they said they had that for lunch even though I had brought better stuff over....omg...My child threw up 4 times....projectile vomited outside, all over the kitchen,threw up when I tried to open the dishwasher,all over the couch,and all over the living room floor. It took so much out of my child that they're asleep after 2 heavy duty baths and 4 toothbrushes later...omg...never again....I sprayed febrez literally everywhere and I can still smell it I dont care what they say on those commercials...the smell is so bad that it made me gag and is upsetting my stomach I feel so bad for him but hopefully he feels better now. Omg NEVER AGAIN.

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  • What do you expect from fifty cent hamburgers?

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