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I met a guy. We talked. We finally met face to face over a month ago. When I kissed him that day, it scared me. There was a spark there. So I told him that I didn't like him. Then about a week and a half ago. I messaged him and told him I had lied. I missed him. So he came back to town and we had a sort of date. Now he wants to meet my mom and all my friends want to meet him. I'm nervous and scared of how my mom will react to the age difference. Maybe she won't freak. Maybe she will. Only time will tell.

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  • So wait you messed with his head, then he came back to town, and wants to meet your parents, within a couple months. That's a little creepy even with an age difference.

  • plus minus 10 years is no problem, unless you're underage.

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