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Did you ever stop and think about the fact that Divorce is forbidden in the bible, yet we allow it? Times are different from what they used to be. We don't stone people anymore, yet that's another part of the bible. Are you going to follow the bible word for word? I'm pretty sure you would end up frowned upon or possibly with jail time. The only reason it was considered "wrong" was probably because of the need to reproduce. But now, with the overabundance of people, we don't necessarily NEED to reproduce. Besides. The world has become more accepting.

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  • All religion is and ever was is a way for those in power to control and rip off the weak minded dipshits that believe fairytales are real.

  • Confesster wont post my non offensive , normal confession, but keeps allowing all sort of crap or nonsense like this, great job admins pfff

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