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OK, so I live in California, came here little over a year ago, I met a girl and we started dating and after a while I asked her to be my girlfriend, she said yes. Now I'm going back to Florida (my home state) and she is staying here, I don't know what will be less painful, breaking up now or trying to have a long distance relationship until we realize it just isn't the same

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  • Are you going to go back to CA after a while? Or is there a chance she would go to FL? If yes, then try long distance. At least you two could be reassured that you will meet up again. You could still try long distance if moving isn't an option, though it would be tougher knowing the chances of meeting up again won't happen. You guys should sit down and discuss your options. Come up with a solution on how you guys want to do things. If you decide to end it then try to remain friends that way you guys aren't losing each other permanently. Just keep in mind, if you guys do decide to end it, at least it wasn't because feelings died out or cheating was involved. Best of luck :)

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