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I'm a satanist and I lie to people saying that I'm an atheist. Either way I will still get judge so I should just tell the truth to people now.

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  • I haven't met one before. I actually haven't met anyone non-christian. I would like to meet you

  • There are many types of people in this world, not only Christians and Sinners. The problem most people have is that they assume that any person who is not a Christian is a sinner and deserve to go to hell. You're a satanist, and you lie saying that you don't believe in God. The only mistake you've done is that you are so ashamed of your religion you have to hide it. But have you realized what other people(not all) have been doing? They might judge you, condemn you, hate you because they heard you're a atheist, and even more when they discovered your satanism. They disobeyed one of the ten commandments (love thy neighbor), and they didn't acknowledge the fact that they have no right to condemn people. The only thing you've done is even understandable (to me) since it's hard to live in a world of prejudice and ignorance. What about them? Tell this to whoever tries to tell that you're a sinner and maybe some kind of hell boy.

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