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I don't know what do? I'm starting to realized I've liked girls my whole life. I can't stop drooling over them. But, I feel so bad. 1. I'm Catholic, and father would abandon me if I came out. 2. I have a boyfriend who I have dated for 3 years. 3. I'll be the laughing stock at school. I'm so confused.

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  • This will sound harsh but: Break up with your boyfriend. He wants a heteronormative relationship and you don't want that. Accept that the relationship shouldn't continue "just because you're supposed to" and hopefully remain friends on good terms. Then date NOBODY and focus on your scholastic career. Yes, you may feel like the only single at school sometimes but believe me your not the only person to get through school without a significant other. Then after graduation when you're an adult you can have a relationship with whoever you please. Dad may not like it at first but being an adult means taking responsibility for yourself and following a path that makes you happy and fulfilled. If your father loves you he will accept you (but he may have a toddlers tantrum first). If your father cannot accept your sexuality then he doesn't really love you, just the idea of a possible you that you are not.

  • Don't make it one of your weaknesses. Make it one thing of your personality. Don't think it's bad, think it's ok.

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