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I loved her so much.. she too.. we enjoyed physically too.. we broke up just a month ago.. now she is in love with another guy.. felt like living alone on a mountain or any forest like john mccandless.. but I cannot.. I'm havin my parents who love me a lot.. unable to remove her from my mind.. plz help P.s : she left me as I warned her not to go vth few of her friends who smoke weed!! Did I do any mistake? HELPP.

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  • if she broke up with you for that reason only, I dont know how much she loved you... You'll Find someone else, dont worry mate

  • In my opinion you shouldn't try to change someone, if they want to do things that you don't agree with then really it's up to them. Weed isn't as bad as other drugs she could have been taking, and maybe she's going through the faze of trying to discover herself and felt like you were in the way? But if she can move on so fast without any remorse then she was possibly going to break up with you anyway, she might even be a serial monogamist (as am I) and find it hard to be alone and thus made a play at someone else as soon as you broke up. There's many different reasons but over all if she's no longer talking to you it might be a start to hang around people you love and get outside, get a hobby! I got into magic the gathering (because I'm cool like that) it gets you involved with others. I hope this helps

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