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All I dream about is meeting "The One". The woman who I will spend the rest of my life with, the woman who I can start a family with, the woman who will laugh with me (and occasionally at me), the woman who will support me through the bad times, and who I can love with all my heart. Being lonely is painful.

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  • Stop searching so badly, maybe you will find her easier than you think😉

  • by the way, i would like to express whats within my head. For the age of you, its time to have an stable relationship no jerkin around, having a long term relationship at your age get to know each other for a long time maybe years from now if youre so compatible, why not get married? :) . I understand both of you and Mr.Loner, i thought that theres no people like you exists anymore. I'm 21 already planning to have a dream family like you both

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