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i got 3 things i really suck at.1 Remembering things, very often i even forget to eat. 2 Math, i failed all my math classes. And3. feelings. i get really really uncomfortable when this guy sais he love me, and i kinda have to say it back. even if i do really love him i just cant stand saying it. i really really hate it, but i think he appreciate it more when i dont do like all the other girls that says it all the time. But still i feel bad for him, like he dont get that i really do love him. is there any way i maybe can show it rather than say it? and dont say sex..

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  • Sometimes we know and sometimes we dont.. say how much you enjoy being with him.. say him what hemeans to you... people are different.. you know him and yourself better thsn any of us here.. you will figurea way to do I.. I believe Iin yiu.. just find a way and have a goid day :)

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