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I once fakd having a boyfriend for 4 months... I took myself out on dates and bought myself gifts. I even sent myself love messages . My family think he moved away when in reality it e was just a crush that went too far.

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  • Me and a friend "are" faking right now. It started as a joke but it's lasted 5 months now. My friends still belives we are together.. we kinda kissed infront of them and acted like a really happy couple.. truth is. .I am In love with her, but she doesn't love me that way.. I enjoyed every kiss, every second.. She fell a sleep in my arms, cuddleing up against me!! I wish her and I were a real couple..

  • I did that too, i faked a bf through all my highschool, sad right? Just wanted to show all boys that made fun of me that i can be attractive to soneone

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