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I think my boyfriends boss is incompetent. She calls him after his shifts and on his days off to tell him what needs to be done or to change his schedule because the other people in his department didn't finish their jobs. She relies on him to get everything done just so she doesn't get in trouble. She doesn't talk to or discipline the other workers when they screw up, she just asks my boyfriend to fix it. We are going on vacation starting Saturday and I know I will flip out if she calls him during the week we are vacationing. I'm not sure how to discuss this with him. He is not a manager and he works for a grocery store so it's not like he's a public safety worker or part of a high paced corporate job so I don't agree with how often and her reasons for contacting him all the time. Just write him a note for him to see on his next shift. She needs to get the schedule done on time (she waits until Saturday to post it, so he doesn't know when he's working until the day before the new week starts) and learn how to manage her employees. I'm so frustrated, I don't know what to do.

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  • to bf might be fucking that biatch girl*black girl pose*(not your job to intrude talk to him before okay?)

  • your bf should communicate this to his boss. telling her that he's not a one man army and it is her job to make sure the others are in line and not overwork him. that being said I hope you enjoyed venting a bit :-) And I'm glad you see you love your bf so much <3 <- icecream cone, cause its summer

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