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My first relationship was nothing but fake. I was 16 and told the guy I was 20, from another country. I have no. idea. how I managed to continue the lie for half a year without him ever realising. I really regret this now, after several years. Besides the fact that I lived a double life with him, he was never a good choice of boyfriend. I couldn't keep up with his libido, and he had a background of drugs and other pretty non-pretty stuff. But then (and now still) I didn't want to judge people by their past. But seriously, if I could go back in time, I'd never repeat this, and I feel very guilty about it. But I was young and curious about love... I have never told anyone! There are colours in my past that aren's all baby blue and pastel pink... but it's part of growing up I guess. I want to just forget this, but the memories always come back and I feel terrible for having lied to him.

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  • People's pasts are the best thing to judge them by. Because they already did it and probably will again

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