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I love my boyfriend. I really do. However, I can never talk to him about past experiences, no matter what experiences they were, because he starts asking me who was I with back then and gets really jealous everytime some guy is involved in my story, even though it happened years ago, before I even met him. Our last big fight broke out when he opened the subject of past relationships. As we are from the same town, he started telling me various names of his friends, asking if I slept with them in the past. I told him I didn`t, but he doesn`t believe me because he says "you`re pretty, I`m sure guys were all over you" as if just the fact that I`m pretty means I had sex with any guy who liked me, like I didn`t have a say in this. Apart from the fact that I haven`t slept with the said guys, even if I did, why the hell does that matter? Why the hell does he care who I slept with years before we got together? It`s driving me insane because he brings up subjects like this and I feel there`s no "right answer" and no matter what I say, it`s just a matter of time until we start fighting. Why so jealous over things that happened years before we got together? If this is his twisted way of keeping me close, it`s not working.

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  • It doesn't sound like he's stable at all. I think you should end it and stay as far away from him as you can.

  • He's insecure as hell.

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