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Ok, this seems like a super strange problem but: i have a huge crush on that guy at my uni, he's kinda shy and very polite and funny and super nerdy (in the original way) and i flirted with him a lot recently but right as he got interested in me he dropped that he thinks christians are all strange and wrong in their opinion. If i stop being nice to him everyone will think i played with him, but if we really connect, i can never tell him that i really do believe in god (without all that traditional stuff like hating gays etc.)

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  • Hold in to your beliefs, but don't give up on him either. Don't force a change on him, as that's also a bad move. Understand his choice but tell him his generalizations are unwarranted and are targeting of the low hanging fruit.

  • im an atheist but if the guy will just blow you off cause your beliefs than screw him you can get better.and really ppl wont care if you did or didnt play the guy,its not that important

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