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Ive never been one of those girls that complain about their bodies. In fact ive always loved my body! But since I had my daughter, I HATE my body. When I say hate, I mean I can't look in the mirror, I can no longer have sex with the light on and ive got to be under the blanket. My husband obviously loves my body skinny or fat but I don't. I cry literally all the time about it. I try to lose weight. But I gained 115 lbs during my pregnancy, bc of medical problems. I have lost 50 lbs but it's been 2 years, and iM still 50 lbs fatter then my fattest time. My husband always just tells me he loves me and thinks im beautiful. But I dont think he understands how it feels to be carrying 65 lbs that you never had before. My belly hangs over my pants. My ass is weird shaped. My arms are huuuge. My thighs are the size of australia. My face feels and looks fat and so different. I do not like it. And I am sick and tired of people saying "well yeah but you had a kid" ... what the f is that? ??!!# having a kid is not am excuse to be fat and unhealthy! !! Stop fucking telling me that! ? I love my kid more then anything. But that doesn't mean that I have to like walking around feeling like crap, not wanting to see anyone that I know. Feeling so insecure, that it is actually affecting the way that I socialize amd talk to people. I don't feel like myself! I feel pathedic and ugly and I have no confidence.

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  • You're right, you are unhealthy and overweight. But knowing your failures, are no failures. Talk to your husband about it and ask him to cheer on you loosing weight. If he really loves the way you loook its gonna be tough, but if he really loves you.. He's gonna help you become happy again. :)

  • I feel the same way. It's really hard to lose weight afterhaving a baby. Losing fifty lbs is amazing!

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