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I cannot give a relationship 100% of my trust..I personally would never do anything/cheat,but there is absolutely no guarantee about the other person. I would hope that they would break up with me before screwing around/cheating on me..but I just feel like I cannot put my trust into someone's hands...I think it would be nieve/stupid of me...and that really sucks because I really wish that I could.

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  • Trust takes time to build. It may take longer for you. I agree you should discuss this with whoever you are with and get it off your chest. As long as you don't go through their emails, phone etc it will be fine. If you are doing those things I suggest you take time to think about what your partner does to make you feel you have to do this. If the answer is nothing, then remember those reason the next time you have the urge to snoop. Also, there are counselors out there who may be able to help you understand and solve why you have trust issues. Best of luck.

  • Especially in a world, where in western society promiscuity and cheating has become the norm, that many people actually think it should be accepted. I definitely feel for you, us humans are a selfish untrustworthy folk.

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