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I have been in love with my best friend for over 10 years. I'm married now so it doesn't matter. But when we were young, he never caught on to my advances, so I got friend zoned. Later in life I moved hundreds of miles away and he enlisted. I actually confessed to him about my crush years ago on him and he said it was mutual but he didn't know how to react back then ( he was a prude lol). Which really sucks. And im ok with our status. He is my best best friend. But I miss him all the time and care deeply for him. Were like pb and j, have the same feelings, thoughts and opinions. And I can always have ao much innocent fun with him! I love my husband to death but we never had that kind of fun...not like me and my best friend.

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  • You're cheating on your husband emotionally.

  • You're right. It doesn't matter that you're "in love with him." You swore that you would love your husband. You cannot be in love with both. Now grow up.

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