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Why do women act like a victim when they knowingly fool around with some who's already involved, even worse when it's a marriage they're screwing up. They decide to focus on their actual relationship, and the mistress for some reason becomes depressed. Why don't they ever consider the lives they've ruined, just for a self esteem boost?

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  • Because it's you, men, that destroy your weddings. You're a bunch of pigs and the less you should do is not to put the blame on the poor woman you fuck. You're the real marriage wreckers. Fuck, go die.

  • I'm with you OP. I'm a married guy and this chick at school keeps trying to flirt with me despite that I keep telling her I'm married and how great my wife is. It's like she wants to compete. Seriously women like this are sick. Men who do it are sick also. What a failure as a human being to have no compassion for others.

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