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They say that if your ment to be with someone they'll come back. Ok I get it but what if they come back, but you're both to nervous/ shy to say anything. What if your both in the same place and want the other one back, but waiting on the other one to make a move? It really puts you in a stuck place. I would make a move, but writing a letter saying I want a second chance just seems to pushy and immature. I would rather talk face to face but he's to busy. So what to do? That's my question. If I put myself back out there for him, and he says no, I lose my best friend. That's my confession, I want a second chance with my ex from high school, but don't know how to tell him. So many years later and I haven't forgotten about him, I never stop caring and still trust him. I can't get over him and don't want to lose him. I'm still holding on, but not knowing if he still is too bugs me.

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  • Try your luck. Not all of us will ever get another chance... (T.T) Do what needs to be done. In the end at least you can say to yourself that this time you tried. Make the most of this opportunity

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