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After reading confessions here I see that most of us are lonely, or heartbroken, and we all want someone to love. Most of you are so nice , and its so nice to see that there are still people who believe in real love or real friendship. In the same time, it scares me and it makes me sad to read how many people cheat and cheat and cheat, whether it is on their significant other or their 'best friend' . I can't understand how can you break someone's heart and trust . its one of the most ugliest things and it makes me terribly sad

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  • The community on this site is mostly amazing, from all the Anons and OPs to the named users. I for one, believe in true love, and wouldn't cheat even if it meant I lost my money or material possessions, because true love is valuable, but becoming a rarity in this society. Till death do us part is a lie in way too many marriages now, if you can't commit, don't get married.

  • Im guy in relationship for 3.5 year i havent got any Global issues with my girl or family/fiends, i still sit here sometimes and its makes me happy to atlast try to help someone or judge someone whos compleatly stupid with desision makin. still love this place. have a nice day. @OP #FakeGunic

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