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So, I like this boy since the start of the school and all my friends know about it. Because the boy is so friendly, not long we become good friends. But, after we became friends I realize that he is kinda playboy because he is too friendly with every woman and give them hope. So, when one of my friends asked me if I still have a crush in him I said that I only like him as a friend now because he seemed to be a bad boyfriend. But not long after that he and my friend that asked me, started to date. I'm not mad when they told me this but sometimes suddenly the memory of us start popping out and it's kinda make me sad and sometimes I even have this evil thought of stealing him back. But I kinda sure that my decision to not be in a relationship with a playboy like him is a good one. What do you guys thing? Hahaha so good to be able to let it out

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  • Guysss the answers is I did the right things. He is not a good boyfriend :/ he dumped my best friend after only 1 month with such unlogical reasons.

  • I question is he really the "playboy" you make him out to be or just a genuinely nice guy? Nevertheless don't submit to your evil thoughts.

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