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So ove come to realize I have feelings for one of my coworkers. I have a boyfriend and hes a great guy in some ways and a huge jerk in other... but my coworker, hes different. He has a big interest in cars hes a gamer and hes 420 friendly like my boyfriend but hes also hilarious and witty he has a job and hes the only one at my work that never mentions a girl. And judging by one of his fb shares hes lonely. I just can't bring myself to leave my boyfriend incase he doesn't end up working out. But im also horrified because one hes my coworker and two I can't tell if interested in me or not last im way to nervous to talk to him outside work... and ive got no clue what to do and im going mad

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  • It's better to be honest with yourself and your boyfriend sooner, rather than carry it out. Vulnerability is a risk we leave ourselves open to, when it comes to matters of the heart. Never let the fear of being alone, stop you from doing things that could make you happy.

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