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I slept with my friends boyfriend. If i tell her idk how shell react, she might social media this or wanna fight or forgive me. and it.might back fire on me cuz noy only will she choice her bf or me but bf will be mad at me to. So in the end i just told on myself. But if we contine it to be a scret shell find out eventualy. Apprive, i tell her . Judge, i keep it a secret

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  • It takes two to tango and you are not the only one at fault. Would you want her telling you if she did the same? I would think most would want to know.

  • Was it a one time thing and mistake or is he a actively cheating on her with you. If it's a one time thing, tell her Apologetically, and be prepared to deal with the consequences. If it's a continual thing, honestly you're scum. Cheating assholes have recently messed up my life and the lives of those around me, so I may be hypercritical, but nonetheless it's a cruel and heartless thing you're doing.

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