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I've been thinking a lot of my faith lately, this question bothers me. God is supposed to be perfect, a perfect being should not be able to make mistakes, yet he created a flawed universe. I know it was perfect in the beginning but we humans flawed it when we sinned, but that means he created us as flawed beings, people tell me we where perfect in the beginning, but the sheer fact we where able to make mistakes like sinning tells me that we where created us flawed beings, so why? why did he create us that way, why did he create the devil the way he is? God can create a very different universe, a universe where light, darkness, air or water do not exist, but something else, a different universe with different laws we cannot comprehend. These are the questions that bug me, I am never 100% sure of anything, and I would like to change that, for once in my life, I want to be sure of something, and that is my faith.

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  • so you believed a big man in the sky created everything and everyone but you have a problem with something someone said in the bible which is not even written by god, or even a messenger from god.

  • Odin vowed to get rid of the frost giants. Jesus said the poor and weak will inherit the Earth. All I'm sayin' is that I've never seen a frost giant

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