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I'm a pretty good looking guy and I didn't get laid in over 5 years but I keep rejecting women that flirt with me just because they're not attractive (they are the only ones that have enough courage to do it themselves). I myself don't flirt with any woman cause I'm totally broke.

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  • I'm hearing a lot of excuses from you but no plan of action

  • You know, my first girlfirend in high school wasn't pretty but she was awesome, funny, smart, huge heart and she loved me a lot. We were together for 4 years until she moved for college to another country. I was so critiziced for dating a "ugly" girl, but I did't care, I was so happy. Years later I started dating a local model, so pretty, but brainless and a complete shallow bitch, I dump her in a month. So do not look outside but inside.

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