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I've been thinking and getting scared. Whaf if every story that we know, every history that is taught in schools, everything is just a lie? A lie that has been made since long ago. People that we know as the good, noble people actually is the bad guy. And people that history said is the bad guy maybe like hitler is actually the good people. What if all the history that we know are a product of manipulation by those that we tought the good people? Like I once read that the man who found america actually killed the true islanders so he can stay there.

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  • But, how can we know which one to believe? I will be so sad if I found out the legend that I admire is actually a bad people

  • I can tell you what I think: history is written bij the winners, the first pioneer people the one that dared to do it. Those people come back with amazing stories but they won't tell what they needed to sacrifice. So the story goes on and on and the story itself is getting bigger and better like we read it anno nu.

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