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My boss is unhappily married, she tells me this. She also doesn't smile much unless I'm around. I hate my job but only stay because I really love making her smile! She has the greatest smile! I sometimes wish I didn't have a steady girlfriend and she didn't have a husband so I could be more involved with her and not just in a sexual nature. I actually genuinely care about her and her future. I guess you could say I love her but wish I was in love with her. Her husband makes her feel ugly and imperfect but she is beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing about her.

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  • I would personally suggest talking this through with her. if your boss is unhappily married and you want her and not your own gf on a whole soul2soul level. maybe this is a better match.

  • Sometimes I wonder if that's what's going on with my bf and his boss. You better sort out your priorities between your women before you hurt someone.

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