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I feel so ungrateful. I have amazing parents, friends and a boyfriend. I'm going to university in a city I was able to choose whithout having to consider monetary issues. I don't have health related problems or any other real problem whatsoever. My dreamjob is not out of reach if I work hard, I know that. I keep telling myself that so many people are not as lucky as I am and that my parenty worked hard to give me all these opportunities. Yet I feel unmotivated most of the time and if I could I wouldn't want to leave my house all day. What the hell is wrong with me?! Does anyone have the same problem? It would be great to have some input here, even if it's something like "ingrateful bitch". Because I guess I am one.

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  • Totally understand

  • Maybe it's because you're not challenged enough. Find something to stimulate you, like a sport (trying to run a certain distance within a set time), or take a math class that is above your current math level.

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