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It drives me nuts that my parents allow my sister to do what she pleases, but when I was her age, my parents were so strict! I was a good kid! I willingly waited until I was 19 years old to have sex, I got good grades, I never drank underage, I never did drugs, I did sports. Yet, my parents wouldnt let me have people over, wouldnt let me go anywhere, wouldnt let me have a bf, made me clean all the time and babysit my 3 siblings constantly, would yell and scream at me, break my stuff, they would throw away or rip up clothes that they found " inappropriate". I couldnt do anything! But my sister has a bad attitude towards them, sneaks out, does sexual things, smokes weed, goes places without telling where she is, her room is always a disaster, she never gets punished, she doesnt get good grades, she does pills. I pointes out that her shorts were so tight and short that she couldnt even button them, and my parents flipped out on me, saying thatbit isnt any of my business! Im sick of it! I have no good memories from my childhood! My extended family even use to call me my moms cinderella! Thats how bad it was! It drives me nuts that my sister complains and bitches about how terrible her life Is and how she doesnt wanna be alive anymore bc our parents dont let her do anything! She has no idea what terrible is! Shes nothing but a spoiled little bitxh!

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  • I know how you feel. Rebel. Be strong.

  • Go your seperate ways. Get your own place and in no way give them the satisfaction that you are doing anything for -them-. That's how I left my family, and i'm grateful for every day. I couldn't do anything right neither. And always got the blame.

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