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I just go reconnected with a guy from my past in the most impossible way and we've been skyping all Night everyNight since I'm really starting to fall for him again but the thing is he has a girlfriend (they're taking a break) and he Lives in a different state I try my hardest to be good and respect his girl but he's really flirty and really likes me to.. he even went as far as to ask if I'd ever try long distance. I like him about but I'm afraid to get hurt again and I don't want his girlfriend getting hurt either. . He says she's really clingy but that's all I've heard about her Other then that she's never brought up by him. . Idk what to do the re has to be a reason he was brOught back into my life after all these years ughhhh

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  • life is trying to teach you something so listen carefully to it. maybe he does really like you but when someone says their partner is clingy its usually because they've become bored with what they have so be bold but use caution. the other girl is gonna end up more hurt if he keeps leading her on like that

  • Hmmm he sounds like a jerk and a future heartbreak for you, just be careful

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