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I met the love of my life on Omegle, wich i never though would happen, but as we both are not very ''popular'' or social, it was perfect to get to meet him there. we have been talking everyday via text or skype, just as simple as that in over a year now! distance sure hurts, but to know i can just talk to him makes it better.. he's the first one in my miserable life to say 'i love you' to me ever, and not over-doing is either, he dont give me high hopes, but yet lets me dream. one day, i will make that flight to travel down to see him in person. ~pineapple

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  • I met my first love on omegle also, and we were together for 3 months until he flied here, Finland(he lived in Germany, still lives) those 9 days were the best days I've ever had.. but I broke up with him because my recent bf.. I feel so bad cause I still love him.. I cant tell it to my bf, for obvious reasons.. but I wish the best luck for you guys :) love can be weird

  • How could you know he's the love of your life if youve never met him? I'm glad you're happy but don't make a decision like that til you've known him in person for atleast a couple years.

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