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So I have this problem. I'm just 16 years old and my parents are already talking about marriage and all this stuff. But I really hate it. It anoys me so so much. And how they make fun with "ohhh we'll arrange a marriage for you in two years when you're 18 hahaha". It makes me angry that I can't have control over my own life and not disappoint my family at the same time... I got almost engaged to a 10 year older guy just because he was in med school... I hate my life.

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  • When you turn 18 do what you want with your life hun im 19 and I had the same problem, I am a guy thou.....I broke free and left I joined The Army and ive never been better

  • It seems they want to have their hold on you. it is either your own future or theirs. make a choice. you cannot seem to have it both ways. I personally would go for the first option. Make yourself the life you want.

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