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2 months ago I was sad! I was heartbroken, done with college and not with many perspectives of work. I had this crazy idea over night, get out of my comfortable zone, get to know new people and places, travel, help people. I worked hard on my resume, cv and motivational letter. 3 days later I was being interviewed on skype. 1 day later i was selected. 1 month from now, i'm gonna pack my stuff and going to live my first adventure. I'm going to Italy, and I'll stay there for 1 year. I only told a few close friends till now, and my parents still choked that i'm going to take this forward. I've never traveled before, I never left my hometown before. Don't even know how to cook! But it's all for a good reason, I'm going on volunteering! I'm so afraid of the unknown, but so proud of myself for have the guts to do it! Get up, do things, change your life!

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  • I am moving to sweden to work and to be with my gf, cant cook really but hey life is change :)

  • How do you go about doing stuff like that

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