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I'm sick of my mom thinking she knows what my son needs more than I do. I will tell her he is hungry and ready to cry but she says he isn't and I don't even get out of the room before he starts crying wanting to eat.everything that goes wrong with him is always mysfault anf she makes me feel like a bad mom. But I don't want to leave her here alone and move out because Im the only kid she has left in the house and she always says how happy she is to get to do the things with my son that she never got to do with her other grandbabies. I hate living here but i dont want to leave her all alone either.

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  • be patiet it is all done from love and I am sure she is doing her best, kids grow super fast anyway, but times with your mother is precious, and your sibling are missing a lot by being away from her, feel her love and dont argue if you feel like feeding your kid you need no permission go fed him or her

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