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I hate nowdays culture. People started to going back like how people was long time ago. Wild, foolish, crazy, give up to temptation (cheating everywhere, sex everywhere), less clothes the better even nude = people like animals. Where is the morals? You call that freedom? I call that just plain stupid, inhuman, just animal.

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  • Explain what human is please... Because I am certaind as being part of the human race and not how you live your life. There is no real separation between man and beast. We claim higher intelligence and understanding. Yet we as a species have allowed for our own confinement in a system that keeps us locked into ideals of normalcy and social acceptance bind together by a monetary necessity just to live what has been deemed a "good" life. Yet beasts roam free, no master, dependent only upon themselves. Wit reception to the captive they have very little hindrance or worry in this world held only captive by life and death.

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