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I was born in the wrong body, I look in the mirror and see a girl, but my heart tells me that I'm a boy.

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  • Ii too look in the mirror and see a woman that isn't me. I am a man. I may have been born a female, but I am a man through and through. I fully understand. As for anyone who disregards this person's feelings, how dare you. we don't expect you to understand what we feel because you are in the body you like and you were taught that that is who you are...Expand your mind and be kind. You don't understand completely what we're going through because you aren't going through it. to those of us who see the wrong body in the mirror, good luck...you're probably better off than I. This is why we are never happy... no one accepts who we are. Please try.

  • Well your girl get over it

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