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It's been 6 or 7 months since I broke up with my ex, but for 5 or so of those months we became friends with benefits. And he has been gone for this entire month and I tried so hard to just maybe breakaway from lingering feelings, but everyday my mind always seemed to wander back to thoughts of him. I always ask myself, do I still love him? Does he still think about me?

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  • I am experiencing the way you feel right now. I truly understand you, i stick with her coz i missed the things that we did when were together and now months past and still dont know what i truly want, i tried to forget her but other side of my heart and mind tells me that i need her. i just cant let go. As the same case as you, maybe we just need to finalize what we really want in life, we should decide wether we truly end the relationship and cut any communication or take another chance.

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