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My ex boyfriend came back to apologize to me for what he did. He said he had realized that I am the only one he'd ever loved etcetcetc. He asked for another chance and I decided to give it to him right after his holiday. There, he made out (or even had sex, I don't know yet) with another girl. I feel sooooooooo stupid

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  • you fault :) dont ever take a day off. or you will face this kind of crap again - either you are NOW tohether or your NOT !

  • I know you're beating yourself up right now, but you have to take this experience and learn from it so you don't g through it again. Guys will say that to get you back but you need to learn when they truly are still in love with you, or when he's just trying to control you and just wants you back as a fuck buddy or a safety net. Most exs don't have that intention and truly does love you and wants a second chance, those men deserves the second chance because they have worked on themselves and have grown and matured. You need to learn to see if they have done this, or just using you and will say just what you want to hear to have you take them back. Everyone has fell for the same bull line and we feel so stupid for giving someone like that a second chance. Just take your time and get past the feeling stupid for allowing it to happen, and learn from it so it doesn't happen again. I'm here for you girl, I've been there too, I've had the same stupid moments, trust me its better to learn now then allow it to go too far and get screwed over big time later on down the road. Love you girl and good luck *hugs!* 

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