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I have wanted to squirt while having sex since I was 16. I'm 21 now and have just figured it out. I feel proud that I can do it.

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  • To all the guys who think only a real man can make a women squirt, (meaning he's that good) sorry but I've squirted better on my own. And yes we can fake squirting too, sorry but we can. We can fake the trembling that goes along with it. So don't think your all that good in bed if she squirts, it could be fake. Honest truth

  • It feels so amazing! Don't worry it took me a lot of years too to figure out how to do it. There's a really good informational video online for anyone who needs to see it in action and it explains really well how to hit the spot and such. And they do make vibrators that are made to hit the g-spot to make you squirt. With the right person, or right image in your head while you do it, makes it feel like the biggest O you have ever had.

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