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Two years ago, I tried to warn this guy that his soon to be wife was an abuser. He did not listen and married her anyway, she went on to abuse him, and now they are separated with divorce pending. While the divorce is still pending this woman has already picked her next victim, and he's left everything behind to come and live with her! At the moment I can't imagine anything worse for this new victim who will be even more dependent on her and able to be abused. I know that I can't save the world or babysit this woman in order to warn everyone about who she is and that they just might just have to learn the hard way. I just want to get this off my chest in order to start moving on and to say one last time to you all " If someone out there knows a friend or relative in this situation, please try and reach out to them. Random strangers like me can't make much of a difference..."

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  • I appreciate you trying.

  • You should also say "if someone warns you about your partner, try not to jump in their face right ahead, instead try to understand what made them warn you about him/her". I so fucking wish my sister would have listened to any of us. Now shes married to an abusive dick and theres a kid on the way, how fucking great.

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