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i dont understand why people have never made the conection about god and energy- there is a TON of religions out there and the big ones are about this invisible man who does stuff for people that belive in him. its already stated that everything is at its core energy. EVERYTHING. and energy is always trying to find balance. as soon as people understands this i think we can finaly get rid of the religion debate, for the sake of humanity

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  • i don't know what you are trying to say, with the energy part... that god is energy or energy is god or that it got mistaken for a higher being or that there is no god and everything is just a coincidence... what about Energy?

  • It's the mentality of the highly religious that is the problem. They will always fight no matter what because they all think they are better than the others. Religion is just a system that promotes the US vs THEM mentality. There is no logic or reason

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